Be Something Already

Do you ever have the feeling that you are trying to live up to a version of yourself that you thought you’d be?

You might not even recognize you’re doing so, but if you’re wondering I’ll ask you a question that will help: Are you good enough, as is, today?

Let’s say nothing changes about your career. You are (insert job here) and that’s that. That is what you are going to be. A teacher, lawyer, hairstylist, or barista. You got it, baby. You’re it, right now.

Wait; do you have dreams of doing something else?

That’s cool too, but are you resting all your future happiness on that dream?

I had a dream and I took a year off to pursue it. I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to teach yoga. For years these dreams weighed on my shoulders and I let them because I didn’t know how to move towards that goal without making it my only purpose in life.

The funny thing is that when I finally became a writer and a yoga teacher I realized how much time I wasted being unhappy when I wasn’t officially either of those things. I had other jobs and they fulfilled a need for me and I was very blessed to have landed each and every one. But the constant throughout is that no matter the job I held I always focused on the one I didn’t.

Dreams are great. Chasing them – even better! But I’ve learned in this year of ‘living my dreams’ that you cannot base your entire life’s happiness on their pursuit. If we focus all our energy on trying to BE SOMETHING ALREADY we are missing the point: who we are.

Who are you, anyway?

Are you your job? Are you your hobbies? Are you your family, your friends and your favourite foods?

Silly right. You are none of those, but yet they make up your world. They combine to form a life you’ve worked hard to experience. So don’t waste them biding your time until you think the experience is worth noticing.

Today is worth noticing. Right now is worth noticing.


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