Give Me Give Me Give Me


Sometimes I get swept away by the current of habitual want.

I love my friends but I want more time with them.

I love my partner but I want more attention from him.

I love to write but I want to write a best seller.

I love to practice yoga but I want to master Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance).

I have enough but damn it if I don’t want more.

But is it my fault? I’m told to want more. Every time I open a magazine or turn on the television I’m reminded of how I can make my life better. I can’t watch the Mindy Project without seeing a commercial for healthy hair, glowing skin or weight loss. Fuck. I just want to see if Mindy and Danny will get together, I don’t care about reviving dead hair. And hair is dead anyway, isn’t it?

I’m not saying taking care of yourself and setting goals is a bad thing. I dye my hair, I run and I buy ridiculous amounts of lipstick and nail polish even though most times I’m too lazy to use them. I actually love taking good care of myself and if shopping were a sport I’d be a contender for the Olympics. A little want can be a good thing. A driving force, a motivator and that thing that gets you out of bed at 5:35am for spin class.

The problem arises when it’s a habitual want. You buy something, love it for a month then feel the itch for the next shiny thing that catches your eye. It’s saying you’ll be happy when you drop 10 pounds, meet the right person or complete that spin class without wanting to throw-up. The problem is that we are told so often how to make our lives better we sometimes forget to notice how good it actually is RIGHT NOW.

No matter where you are or what your goals are, right now is the BEST place to be. The BEST place to begin. The BEST place to learn to appreciate what you have so that when you do reach another goal or buy another purse it doesn’t make you happy, it simply adds to the already lovely life you are living. No matter what that commercial says, that product WILL NOT and CAN NOT bring you joy.

You cannot expect things or situations to bring you happiness. They will, don’t get me wrong, but that fleeting moment will pass and you’ll focus on something else that you just need to make life complete. And you might get that thing too, but then there’s that other thing…and so on and so on and so on…

It may hurt to hear, especially if you’re going through a rather tough time in your world right now, but the truth is that the purpose of life isn’t to find a life you love, it’s to love the life you already have.


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