Your Dream Job – Apply Within (LITERALLY)

Job Title: Your Dream Job

Contract: As long as you can hack it

Salary: Get comfortable with financial uncertainty (for the first while anyway)

Position Overview:

This job requires someone who is driven, hard working and slightly crazy. You must love it, and on the days you don’t you must work hard to remember why you actually do.

Risk taking is a must. Leaping into darkness is a requirement. Trust is big and you cannot fake it.

Self-study is important but not necessary (unless you actually want to succeed). Know yourself to understand your business even better. Get to the bottom of the real you – flush out the crap to become the person you really are.


You will be responsible for knowing what you want to do with your life and then having the balls to go after it. Then you will be responsible for trusting that everything else will fall into place, but not necessarily in the order you had originally  planned.


* Courage

* Faith

* Awareness

* Energy

* Creative thinking

* Passion for the business

* Imagination

* Belief in yourself

* Vulnerability

* Working under stress and confusion

* Acceptance of change

* Ability to find comfort in discomfort

* Determination

* Thick skin

If you match the above profile then apply within – literally. Ask yourself what is holding you back and if the answer is something you can work with, take baby steps forward. Leap.


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