Busy Week, Simple Joys

This was my busiest week teaching yoga to date – little time to write but so much to say. My mind is filled with a million thoughts, but for now I’ll leave you on this sunny Friday afternoon with three things that totally made my week:



Spring IS coming! It is! I swear Ottawa, I saw signs in the melting snow and I’ve finally heard those chirping birds. Soon enough tulips will be lining our beautiful city and hats and mitts will be long forgotten.

2. I WON!


An extra year of love from this guy! I realized I’m the luckiest/worst dog lover around. Parker is only 5 folks! All year long I’ve been telling people he is 6. Then, as his birthday approaches this month, I did the math and realized he’s only turning 6 this April, not 7. Wahoo! A whole extra year of life.

3. I DID IT!

After practice and practice and many many hours of, how do I say this…PRACTICE…I flipped up into forearm stand this week. With a wall of security behind me, this girl has found a new pose. And possibly new obsession. Balance young one, balance. Ha!

So, there you have it. Busy week, simple joys.


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