My 3 Month Check-Up!

It’s been three months already. One quarter of the way into my leap year and I thought I’d do a little update for anyone who’s been wondering how this is all going. If you’ve asked me this Fall ‘How’s your writing going?’ you probably saw my face cringe and listened to a half-hearted ‘Well…it’s good…OK…could […]

The Definition of Insanity Resides in this Post

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do they make you feel good? Make that your first question of 2014 – is what you are currently doing making you feel good? I used to make resolutions at the beginning of January and forget about them until the following December. Eat healthy. Exercise. Run a race. Stop […]

The One Question to Ask Yourself

I’m constantly asking myself questions – not just about my current professional shift, but also about, well, absolutely everything. Did I make the right decision? Why am I writing, do I really think this book will get published? Did I teach a good yoga class? Am I eating well? Do I talk to my family […]

The Ghosts of Old Jobs Past

I’ve been quiet this week. Not for want of something to write about, but more because I’ve been busy getting a lot of things done that didn’t get done last week when I was sick. Having the energy of a sloth and being self-employed is interesting; it makes for some not-so-positive self-talk. If anyone out […]