Do Something Crazy!

This isn’t exactly a throwback Thursday post, but it is from this past April. I wrote this while struggling with the idea of taking a leap year – one foot was still firmly planted in my stable job, while the other foot was wading in unsteady water, begging its’ partner to jump in. 

April 16, 2013

“Don’t do anything crazy!”

This is the advice I’ve been hearing my entire life. Every turn, every choice, every move is heeded with, “Nadine, don’t do anything crazy!” Then, if I continue on my way I hear, “She’s crazy! That Nadine! Figures! This is so her!” Which, even when said with a gentle laugh, isn’t exactly encouraging.

The other day the heart of my current job quit unexpectedly. My entire team joined in a conference call and listened in shock as our fearless leader told us he was leaving not only our division, but also our company. I was stunned, but not as stunned as I was when a little while later I got a phone call from a teammate who said, “Nadine, don’t do anything crazy!”

These words have been sitting with me for a few days now, stirring around in my brain.

Crazy. Crazy.

The words ‘Nadine’ and ‘Crazy’ being intertwined in the same sentence once again. At first I laughed at this phone call – it was well intentioned and from a trusted teammate who wanted nothing but the best for the team – but it has made me think about life and the advice we are all given regularly.

What would happen if just once someone said to me, “Nadine, how about today you do something crazy?”

Where would that take me?

Where would that take any of us?

What if they kept saying, “Now Wright brothers, don’t go and do anything crazy today?”

Who are we holding back with our own fears?


4 thoughts on “Do Something Crazy!

  1. You have a clear, distinctive and engaging writing voice. I really enjoy your posts and wish you best of luck with your manuscript!

  2. Was I that colleague who told you NOT to do something crazy?? If I did, it is because I am selfish!
    You are so talented, my friend.

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